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central park

  • ♥♥♥ Central Park under the snow ♥♥♥

    Cental Park sous la neige et le soleil c'est juste magique!

    Voici quelques jolies photos prises ce dimanche avec mon Canon EOS 550D qui ne me quitte pas à New York!Photo 171.jpg

    Photo 131.jpg

    Photo 136.jpg

    Photo 167.jpg

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  • Live from NYC # all the good things come to an end @)

    Last days here, I am flying back to Paris on monday evening : I don't want to!

    Crazy day today with some friends! I organised a farewell brunch at Clinton Street Baking in LES. Even if we had to wait one hour and a half outside to be able to eat these very good pancakes it was fantastic to meet them there from Boston, Los Angeles and Brooklyn in Manhattan, Lower East Side...

    5 septembre 2010 (4).jpg

    5 septembre 2010 (2).jpg

    (chocolate peanut butter milk shake...yummy!)

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  • Live from NYC # High Line # Meatpacking&co...yummy&shopping inside @)

    *When I got up yesterday morning I was dreaming of a late breakfast at La Bonbonnière and a promenade on the High Line. So disappointed I was when I arrived at La Bonbonnière (the conditionned air was out of order and it was 40 degrees...) that I decided to walk straight to Pastis.

    3 septembre 2010 (1).jpg

    Pastis was crowded of people and too show-off so I gave up for the late breakfast and enjoyed the High Line Promenade.


    3 septembre 2010 (10).jpg

    3 septembre 2010 (12).jpg

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