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  • Live from NYC # Century 21 # shopping (bon plan K Jacques -50% inside...à Brooklyn!) @)

    Yesterday was the hotest day of the week in NYC! I think I couldn't stand this heat any more! More than 40 degrees, can you imagine? Hopefully Earl was on its way to cool down the city today. The Labor Day week-end is announced to be more enjoyable for walking time!

    So between a job meeting at the NYAS early in the morning and a late (disgusting) lunch with two job-collaborators I had a one hour shopping at Century 21. I tried many clothes and shoes and accessories, funny! Finally this bag will be for my sister, this cute shoes for me and I decided not to buy the synthetic fur coat (40 USD instead of 250)...but it was so cold in the shop that it was a great pleasure to wear it while shopping! And unfortunatly the beautifull cape was too big for me!

    Century21 (2).jpg

    Century21 (4).jpg

    2 septembre 2010 (36).jpg

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  • Live from NYC # Brooklyn : Manhattan skyline at sunset @)

    Hi there!

    I am just back from an amazing sunset on Manhattan (from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to the Fulton Ferry Landing) and I wanted to share this unforgettable pictures (click on to enlarge them!) with you...enjoy @)2 septembre 2010 (2).jpg

    2 septembre 2010 (44).jpg

    2 septembre 2010 (50).jpg

    2 septembre 2010 (55).jpg

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  • Live from NYC # Manhattan : Soho...shopping...etc @)

    *It was so so hot in NY today (40 degrees?) that the only thing I could do was shopping&eating (first time I love so much the air conditionned!)!

    31 août 2010 (1).jpg

    So I took the F train from Brooklyn to Soho this morning and 10 minutes later (crazy!) I was on Broadway : shopping paradise? I won't say so...

    First I had a very good breakfast at Hampton Chutney&co. I really recommend you this cheap indian organic restaurant (I had a lunch there last january, the vegetable biryani was perfect)! After two cookies just out of the oven (peanut butter and white chocolate/macadamia) and the cardamon coffee (that reminded me so much my travel to India) I was ready to go shopping! First stop : Topshop. Stayed there five minutes to look for a bag and gave up! From my opiniun everything there is too expensive for synthetic/bad quality...

    Then I walk to Bloogmindale and fall in love with those so cute gloves from UGG :


    31 août 2010 (3).jpg

    (in real the gloves are camel, with cachemire inside, and the fur is not that white, looking foward wearing them with my Ugg boots!)

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