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lundi, 30 août 2010

Live from NYC # Brooklyn : Coney Island @)

* I spent half the day at Coney Island (direct train from the flat: 30 minutes and 4,5 dollars round trip I was on the beach!)! It was so hot in NYC today! Why don't we have the beach closer to Paris? Well, even if Coney Island is not glamourous at all I am jealous and want so much to live in Brooklyn @)

29 août 2010 (17).jpg

29 août 2010 (29).jpg

29 août 2010 (8).jpg

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dimanche, 29 août 2010

Live from NYC # Brooklyn @)

Hi girls!

* I landed in NYC a few hours ago. I am exhausted...but fine since the weather here is FANTASTIC!!! 30 degrees and a blue sky.

I am kindly 'hosted' by a couple of friends in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, which I like very much! So quiet compared to Manhattan! I just had a two hour walk, here are some pictures :28 août 2010 (4).jpg

28 août 2010.jpg

28 août 2010 (2).jpg

28 août 2010 (5).jpg

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